Les avantages des lasers dentaires

The use of lasers in dentistry has been around for over 25 years to treat a number of dental problems. Our dentists at Trois-Rivières explain how these treatments work and how they benefit your oral health.

What are dental lasers used for?

Technological advancements in the production of lasers have allowed their use in dentistry to perform a variety of hard and soft tissue procedures with increased precision.

Dental lasers have become a common treatment method, providing a less painful and less bloody alternative to traditional tools.

Additionally, lasers can reduce anxiety for patients who are uncomfortable with dental drill use, for a more enjoyable dental care experience.

How do dental lasers work?

In surgical and dental procedures, the laser is used as a cutting tool or as a tissue vaporizer. It can also strengthen dental restorations by hardening them. In the field of dental whitening, the laser acts as a heat source, intensifying the effectiveness of whitening agents.

For what kinds of dental problems can be treated with lasers?

  • Gum disease
  • Dental hypersensitivity
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Decay
  • Biopsies and removal of lesions

Discover the benefits of laser dentistry

  • Precise instruments
  • Reduced anxiety compared to other tools (drills)
  • Minimized discomfort and reduced pain
  • Controlled bleeding
  • Reduced risk of infection (due to sterilization of the treatment area)
  • Faster healing times

Are dental lasers safe?

The FDA tests and approves lasers to ensure compliance and effectiveness. Each laser is designed to treat a dental problem or perform a specific procedure. Dentists must undergo training in order to be able to use lasers. Patients are given goggles before any procedure to protect their eyes.

Myths and Misconceptions

There are many myths about lasers, including:

Lasers are not safe

As mentioned above, lasers are safe because they are tested and require training before you can use them. They can also reduce anxiety in patients who are uncomfortable with the use of traditional dental tools.

Laser treatments are more expensive

Compared to traditional tools, dental lasers can be more expensive, however, in many cases they can treat dental problems in fewer appointments. So, the cost you or your insurance pays for procedures performed with dental lasers is generally similar to procedures performed with traditional tools. 

In addition to their effectiveness, procedures performed with dental lasers have the advantage of reducing the risk of infection, which decreases the risk of having to return to the dentist to treat secondary problems. In addition, the use of the dental laser makes it possible to reduce the doses of anesthesia necessary for certain procedures.

Lasers are dangerous 

The term “laser” is defined as an amplification of light by stimulated emission of radiation. This light is monochromatic, that is to say that it is composed of rays all having the same wavelength, propagating in a single direction. The light emitted by a laser resembles natural light, but is less harmful than sunlight. 

Procedures take longer

After several decades of technological advancements, dental lasers have become as fast or even faster than traditional tools. Also, many procedures can be performed without anesthesia, which can make the overall procedure much shorter.

To learn more about dental laser treatment options, contact our Trois-Rivières dentists today.

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